About us

National Handicraft Enterprise was created in 1996 originally as NHI. We lead the market in Eco-friendly products, receiving international acclaim for producing and introducing revolutionary designs to the market. We believe that it is our responsibility to take care of nature,and hence the use of our products encourage our consumers to save animals, trees, and the earth.
Our new signature series “Eco Leatherette” is made from cotton that is processed using anew method invented by our R&D department, giving it the effect of real leather. However,unlike leather, it is made without harming any animals, is biodegradable and recyclable, and can be custom-made in a variety of bright metallic colors. Additionally, instead of being made from wooden pulp, our Ecoleatherette is a type of paper that is manufactured from cotton pulp.
Nearly 4 billion trees, or 35 percent of the trees worldwide, are cut for paper every year.
We at NHE recognize the urgency this issue presents. By eliminating the use of paper from trees in our products, we save one tree at a time, ultimately saving entire forests.

Meet the Team

1. Mr Anil Jain:
Mr. Anil Jain is the owner of NHE and the creative entrepreneur behind the
company.Desiring to promote sustainability, he decided to approach the problem through an innovative solution that combined elements of both aesthetic and of Eco-friendly substances.
2. Aditya Jain:
Mr. Aditya Jain, the Business Development Manager, focuses on B2B Marketing.He markets the NHE products to other business with his great business sense and marketing principles, spreading sustainability throughout businesses in India.
3. Anant Jain
With the e-commerce market on a constant rise, the value of e-commerce market in India is expected to cross US$ 50 billion by 2018. Thus, to succeed, any company in India should be online, and that is where Mr. Anant Jain steps in. Mr. Anant Jain,Business Development Manager, has his expertise in E-commerce Marketing, and is the man behind NHE on the web.

The Concept

● A step towards a greener world
● The look of leather without the greed and destruction
● No lives lost
● Nature friendly
● Beauty without the Price
● Aesthetic and Organic, but not Destructive
● Animal-friendly with the look of leathers